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PETRO EL MAMLAKA Services & Supply Company is an Egyptian company based in Cairo – Egypt established in 2019. Our mission is supporting our clients’ operation In Egypt and abroad with best-of-breed products and services that meets high operational standards in cost effective and timely manner. We are committed to bring to our esteemed clients’ operations the full support required through our portfolio of products and services to achieve production targets.


Our mission

Providing technical and non-technical services at the most qualified and professional level for oil companies in relation to health, safety and quality standards in providing service

Our Services

Ensure the highest level of quality and safety and comply with all international regulations and standards and continue to develop and raise the efficiency of trained workers. - Providing technical workers and technical ware. - Providing support services for exploration, drilling and logistics services.

Our vision

Providing services to all oil companies working in Egypt and abroad and upgrading the level of services within these companies and providing the best level of services to them

Added Services

Providing transportation and car rental services ,Providing tourist services,Providing ,nutrition services ,Providing freshwater and brackish transport services ,Providin ,crude oil transportation services ,Provision of marine transport means of water wells.

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In PETRO EL MAMLAKA we believes that maintenance is one of the tools to optimize production without compromising safety of operation

Farouk Abaza



Mamdouh Abou El Magd


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Hany El Halawany

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ounselor Nady Alwani


PETRO EL MAMLAKA Services & Supply Company

Petro Elmamlaka adopts the latest technological means and technical expertise and complies with the high quality standards in the management of all services provided to supply oil companies with all their needs of technical and non-technical workers and all logistic services.